These are the colors and markings allowed by the AKC French Bulldog Breed Standard  to promote good health.  Colors not allowed by the AKC are because dogs bred in those colors carry genetic defects and traits harmful to our breed.

***If you do not see a color on this page you were thinking Frenchies came in see the bottom of the page for disallowed colors. BLUE is disallowed by the breed standard and should NOT BE BRED.




Black Mask RED Fawn


        The Black Masks are the foundation of this breed.


           They have solid black across the muzzle and sometimes

Black Mask Fawn Brindle is called a Reverse Brindle when there is more fawn than black.


           across the eyes as well, hence the term "black mask".


           Above is a Black Mask Red Fawn. 

           Below is a Black Mask Fawn with black across the eyes.


           Another variation using the Black Mask is Black Mask Pied and Black Mask Brindle.


Black Mask - Marking 







































         Brindle with White

     Brindle with White color

      refers to a dog that is

     black with a pattern of

     red, brown or fawn hairs

     throughout the black. 


     Breed standard requires

     only a trace of brindle

      therefore just a few

     hairs will qualify a dog

     that appears primarily

     black to be called

     brindle. The dog

     left is an example of a

     mostly black with little



















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4Here is a black mask

 tiger brindle with white (Left) next to a puppy without much brindle.















Tiger Brindle

Above is a tiger brindle which has fawn & red

tiger stripped through the black. It is called

Brindle with White on the pedigree. A marking of Black Mask may also be added.




        White and Fawn   (pie-bald)

Red Pied
White & Brindle

White and Brindle or White and Fawn as the Breed standard designates are also called "pie-bald" or "pieds" which refers to a dog that is mostly white with markings and spots of another color.


There are also Red Fawn Pieds (above right) and "Honey/Lemon" and Fawn Pieds.  


















Pieds can have a double hood.....















or a single hood. 




            Creams and Fawns

Left is a good example of a cream. 


Fawns will have a little more gold or beige coloring like the Black Mask fawn's body color shown at the top of the page or the fawn to the right. 















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Any colors you do not see above are NOT Rare and therefore worth more money$$$.   They are not allowed for a GOOD REASON and rare because reputable breeders won't produce them because they will not better the breed.

Below are the colors NOT allowed and the reason why:

ALL White - carries the deaf gene.


White and Black with NO trace of brindle- carries the deaf gene and can produce blue eyed dogs with eye problems.


Black and White with NO trace of brindle- carries the deaf gene.


Liver, sometimes called Chocolate-- Produces yellow eyed dogs which can cause early blindness and juvenile cataracts.


Black and Tan- TOO Dominate a color combination. If allowed to be bred it will overtake all colors and eliminate every other color from the breed.


ALL Black with no trace of brindle-TOO dominate a Color. Will over take & eliminate all other colors in the breed.


ALL ABOUT BLUE frenchies!

BLUE  is  Mouse and is not allowed-produces yellow or green eyed dogs which can develop blindness.   The Blue/Mouse color produces dogs with Follicular dysplasia -gradual hair loss starting as young age causing dry scaly skin susceptible to bacterial infections. No cure and condition becomes increasingly worse.   Blue should not be registered as Fawn on AKC registration and is rare because breeders should NOT try to breed it. Just because your BLUE puppy with yellow eyes can see now and has good skin doesn't mean it won't loose its sight and develop allergy skin problems later.


The following information is on the French Bulldog Club of America website and the AKC Gazette all address why  BLUE and other colors are not allowed in our breed:


FBDCA Breed Standard-COLOR- click here to download pdf doc.



AKC Gazette Sept. 2002


Our first breed standard, written in 1897 with the establishment of the

FBDCA, said this about coat color: “In regard to the color, preference should

be given as follows: — Dark Brindle, Dark Brindle and white; all other brindles;

all other colors. In Brindle and solid colors, a small white patch on breast is

not considered detrimental.”


Excerpt from Blog by AKC and International Dog Show Judge Carol Hawke dated April 16, 2012

It is antithesis (that means the exact opposite) of the character of the dog which is sweet, loyal, dignified and trusting.  Yellow eyes are reserved for dog breeds that serve to protect or warn.  The average French Bulldog will welcome strangers into your home.  They are not guard dogs or protection dogs and do not serve this function. 


Another excerpt from Blog by AKC and International Dog Show Judge Carol Hawke dated April 20, 2012

Coat Color & Pigment Related French Bulldog Health Issues

WOW, I've just run across the SINGULARLY MOST IMPORTANT research article on color in French Bulldogs I've ever seen.  It's linked right below this paragraph.  If you haven't read it, READ IT and follow ALL the links on the page.  The historical content is INCREDIBLE.  The color research IS IMPECCABLE.  Never seen a BLUE MERLE Frenchie?  You will find one here.  What colors are linked with sight, hearing defects?  You will find them ALL HERE.  Why should you never breed pied to pied?  READ IT HERE.  SUPER INFO - don't miss it, folks!!!















A fun site created to mock the trend of over priced ‘designer’ colored French Bulldogs.

Plaid French Bulldogs are the hottest new designer dog breed, renowned the world over to be the MOST expensive dog breed in the world (mostly because the airbrushing costs so damned much money). Available for sale only to the rich, the famous and the incredibly stupid.

FYI, French Bulldogs are genetically unique in that they can appear in almost any color or pattern possible in any dog breed. This is part of what gives French Bulldogs such a diverse look. There are  colors and/or patterns which are not allowable under AKC and CKC breed standards – black (meaning black without any trace of brindle, liver (generally agreed to be a solid colored brown dog with brown pigment) and black and tan (“Rottweiler” type markings) and Mouse (meaning a blue-gray color).

Some breeders intentionally breed for these colors, call them “rare” and mark their prices up exorbitantly, to take advantage of the public’s desire for unusual (and stupidly over priced) goods. While there is nothing wrong with ‘rare’ or unusual colored French Bulldogs like Blue or Chocolate, there’s also nothing inherently special about them – they’re just another Frenchie.

Too often, in fact, people who are breeding for ‘rare’ colors don’t care about the basic fundamental things which can help to produce a healthy litter of French Bulldogs. They choose their breeding stock based solely on color, and ignore health, temperament and structure. Because ‘rare’ colors are a recessive, they often do generations of incredibly tight inbreeding, to increase their chances of producing a litter of unusual colored French Bulldog puppies. In breeding like this can bring other recessive genes to the forefront, along with color – things like allergies, congenital defects and rare, often deadly health conditions.

Plaid French Bulldogs cute satire blog about "designer colors" in French Bulldogs



Red Fawn 














































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BLUE = Mouse

Black & Tan

LIVER = Chocolate


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