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Maxime's Bully Border Patrol on the job.



Below are pictures of some of the Maxime French Bulldogs in their new homes.





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Want to go hiking?

If you are a French Bulldog named Zoe your dad will let you sleep in his backpack.


Miss  Zoe  lives in Atlanta with her parents and brother Chester, a Great Pyrenees.  Zoe loves to help groom Chester, in fact Chester doesn't know how he managed before Zoe came.



Video of Zoe Grooming  Click here 5 MB













This little brindle gal is named "Frenchie".  Yes that is what her family calls her.  Her BFF is a German Shorthair Pointer named Joy who has taught Frenchie to love balls.
Frenchie and Joy

Frenchie has to rest after playing and her favorite spot is on Daddy's shoulder when he gets home from work.






Izzy iz very happy with new mom Tricia, dad David and big sis Manzi in New Mexico.  Life is good for Izzy who enchants all who meet him. Here are just a few of his many moods.
Playful Izzy
Pensive Izzy

Friendly Izzy

Loyal friend Manzi

On the move Izzy



At his house bells are hung by the back door so the dogs can ring them when they need to go outside.

Izzy has learned to ring the bell and Manzi runs to the back door to go outside with Izzy. Stealthily Izzy comes right back in before the door is closed, grabs the toy Manzi was playing with and sits in his Dad's lap to be petted.





Griffin loves attention, especially from his "mom" Jacklyn. He just turned one year old and was nice enough to invite his English Bully brother, Doug to join the party.


Griffin and Doug play tug every night then retire to chew bones on the sofa  next to their Mom and Dad.
















Daisy is Griffin and Oscar's sister who now lives with Heather and Brandon in Houston.  She loves to play chase with her new sibling Zack, a Shitzu.














































 Blade tries to impress Brooke with his "smarts" by keeping up with current events.



Meet Brooke is a Houston resident with her brother Blade- as  you can see she is quite the fashion maven and believes in the right look for the right occasion. Blade so admires his sister fashion sense- he joins her in dressing up









At the Human Society Walk Napolean had his picture taken with celebrity friend RADAR, the weather dog.

Both were there to help less fortunate dogs and cats.   


This fine fella is Napolean,  otherwise known as "Nappy" by his new parents and moved from Texas to California .  Nappy wants Hollywood talent scouts to know  he can emote a wide range of emotions evidenced by his glamour shots above.

















This lover boy is named Oscar and he resides in Houston with 2 other frenchies, 2 boxers and 2 humans.  Although there is much going on around him he only has eyes for his mother Christine.

Oscar is Griffin and Daisy's brother and will begin his show career in 2008.

















Becker lives in the Longhorn capital of Austin, Tx with Lea, Mo and Mo JR. where he started his show career in 2006 and is now a champion. You can see more of Becker on our Show Stoppers page.




Pierre is one happy boy in California. He shops and dines in Beverly Hills where he resides with his mom Rachel and dad Daniel. 





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TOP  Reasons why

 NOT to own a Frenchie!




Happily living in near by Houston, Cha Cha is adored by Bill, Vic, Elise, Colleen and Sasha.  

Hmmm.......a male Frenchie living in a household with four women- he must think he won the lottery!



The "CHA's" essence was captured in this POP ART portrait by a fan.










This is Elroy who likes absolutely everyone and everything on this planet.  

He is now a Champion and lives in San Antonio with Marsha. You can see more of Elroy on our Showstoppers page.









Buster lives in California with Olivia, Chris, Ben, Jessica & Monique.   He loves to play outside-eating bugs and chasing the ball with his buddy Ben are his favorite things in life.



Coco Chanel  resides in Houston and loves to go to the law office with her mother.  For more on Coco's exciting life see the Doggie Debut Party page.




This is Boudin - "Boo Dan", who is quite the party boy. 

Boudin loves to attend social events with with his new family and makes friends everywhere he goes.  Since oranges are his  favorite treat-Boudin  thought he would pose with one in his portrait.


Boudin likes to attend his local French Bulldog meet up group to play with other French Bulldogs who speak  his special language.


To find a FB meet up group in your area

 click here.










Enter this French furniture store in Manhattan and you will get more than ambiance when you meet Brutus who welcomes all who enter. Brutus is very popular and dines out  at  the neighborhood restaurants  with his parents.


























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This spoiled Frenchie is Phoebe who just happens to be Pierre's sister.  Phoebe likes lots of attention from her daddy and pouts by hiding under the sofa when she doesn't get enough.

Below is her sister, Jaci, a Cirneco who has enough energy and intelligence to keep up with her. The two are great friends who do everything together.

See more on Phoebe and Jaci on the BFF page

" We'd better get extra treats for doing this."

Hysterical video of Phoebe in puppy pool playing with water toy. Click here

































































Merlin loves his Campbell's Soup toy so much he had his portrait painted with it.


This lad is known as "Magical Merlin" because he charms all he meets. Merlin lives with Dick and Sherry and is a webmaster apprentice.





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