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Maxime Litter Born 10/4/2018 !

Puppies ready for homes mid December 2018  Here

1 Female still available!  Here





3 Litters planned for 2019 -See who we are breeding here



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 Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

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I have a list of reputable breeder friends who may puppies now or soon.

Send me an email with Breeder Referral Request in the title to artbug222@yahoo.com

Be patient and wait for a puppy from a good breeder, it's worth it!









              No matter who you get your Frenchie from you must get pet insurance. This is an expensive breed to own as well as purchase

The insurance I use and recommend is Healthy Paws   




Finding a healthy quality French Bulldog to join your family can be difficult for new comers to the breed.  Frenchies are every where now and it is important you understand there is more to consider than looks and price and the cheapest puppy you can find can be the most expensive dog you ever owned due to costly veterinary care over its lifetime.  In an effort to help I have an informative email with reputable breeder referral links, health testing you should look for in the puppy you buy and how to tell good breeders from bad.  So email me at artbug222@yahoo.com subject   Breed Information, Pricing and Referrals .

To view  items you will need for your new puppy, as well as food recommendations and a brief overview of health concerns for the breed go to the HEALTH & Breed Information page of my site.

Check this page often since this is where we post upcoming Maxime litters.

PLEASE Note: I DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES. New owners must pick up their puppy in person from my home.  French Bulldogs are sensitive to heat and it is not safe to ship this breed in temperatures above 70 degrees.   Puppy Mills and Brokers  ship puppies because they are a commodity to them and they do not care if the puppy dies. If someone is willing to ship you a puppy, you do not want that puppy.

I am also happy to answer questions about

the breed and recommend other breeders

 across the country.

Best Regards,

Susan Caton

Email artbug222@yahoo.com


Click here for an adoption application.




BLUE French Bulldogs? Really?















More of Mamime's Past Litters

Exploring their surroundings.
Our first litter at a puppy pool party. 

Three boys, 2 girls all white with brindle-Piebald.



French Bulldogs are born with ears that fold over like English Bulldogs. Their ears become erect around six weeks old.  These erect ears are also referred to as "bat ears" for which the breed is known.




















Lounging around the watering hole after playing.
Napoleon at only three weeks old and already a flirt!
  Maxime Tree "Frogs"
            Maxime Puppy Videos on YouTube!

                             Click Here to view  





 Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.






























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Pet Insurance for French Bulldogs is now a must.  Learn more HERE                              I use & recommend Healthy Paws






















































































































Fun Frenchie things

you can buy!




2 year old Adult girl available to pet home!

Click here

 to find out all about Miss Beatrix

For Sale on Etsy now

For Sale on Etsy now

For Sale on Etsy now

For Sale on Etsy now