Original    French Bulldog Artwork for your home






Original    French Bulldog Artwork for your home



















MAXIME in French means "the very best" which is what we strive to produce here at Maxime French Bulldogs through selective breeding and health testing.

















2 Litters due JULY 2021!

 Pups will be available to pet homes.   To see who we are breeding and colors click here.


2 Litters due JULY 2021!

 Pups will be available to pet homes.   To see who we are breeding and colors click here.


   Available Brindle Male Puppy    Here   







Maxime's Home Grown Couch Potatoes

Enjoy my website and please feel free to  email with any inquiries.

Susan Caton

 Houston, Texas



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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Susan Caton and above are some of my family members in the setting of a Pre-Raphaelite painting.   In 1999 I fell in love when we got our first Frenchie, Chloe, who so enchanted us it led to a new lifestyle of showing and breeding French Bulldogs in our free time.  All our French Bulldogs or  "Frenchies"  live in our home as family members in the countryside in Brenham, Texas with our family.

French Bulldogs are an intelligent canine breed that thinks the most like humans.  The perfect pet if you are looking for a surrogate child. They are low maintenance in grooming, but high maintenance in that they require a lot of interaction with their human family and are not outside dogs due to their extreme sensitivity to heat. 

There are some breed specific health concerns all folks considering purchasing a Frenchie need to be aware of.      

Please see my Health & Breed Information page for more information on  these health concerns as well as all the things you need to purchase for your French Bulldog.

Frenchies are a little stubborn and develop their own individual personalities which can make house breaking a challenge, but achievable.  Females can be more of a challenge to train than the males.  French bulldogs tend to be fearless, but very social with humans and other pets.  Most importantly they are happy to take a nap any time and have the most expressive faces that fill one with pure joy, but I warn you they are like potato chips, it is impossible to have just one.

I am a member in good standing of the 

French Bull Dog Club of America

  AKC Breeder of Merit

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   9 week old Brindle girl seeking Pet Home    

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