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Lola and Zorro Puppies born April 7, 2010

3 Boys and 1 Girl all Black Mask Red Fawn.

 The darker ones will become a deep chestnut red and others will be lighter RED Fawn

Lola's pups are all spoken for at this time, but we have two more litters on the way. We will have some puppies available to good pet homes if you are interested please fill out an adoption application.


Dam & Sire of  Breeding


To see more information on this breeding go to Our Girls.













































































CH. Paris France  Zorro






All our puppies have spine x-rays and cardio screening before going to their new homes, we strive to produce the healthiest and best looking puppies possible every time we breed.

Mother Lola is doing great and being a wonderful first time mom.

Updated 6/14/10
Lola and Zorro Litter 4/9/2010


Lola and Zorro Litter 4/10/2010


Lola and Zorro Litter 4/12/2010


Lola and Zorro Litter 4/13/2010


Lola and Zorro Litter 4/17/2010




youtube video of pups 4/17/2010











































































Lola and Zorro Litter 4/26/2010




youtube video of pups 4/26/2010

Lola and Zorro Litter 4/30/2010




youtube video of pups 4/30/2010


Lola and Zorro Litter 4/19/2010





Lola and Zorro Litter 4/21/2010




youtube video of pups 4/22/2010





Please see my Avail-a-bullies webpage for available puppies and adults from Maxime breeder friends.

























































































































































Born June 3rd 2008-                                                              

1 Black Mask Red Fawn girl and 3 Black Mask Red Fawn males.

All the pups have gone to their forever homes except Rufus who is Maxime French Bulldog's latest addition.

All prospective homes are required to fill out an adoption application with vet references and will be carefully screened so puppy millers do not even try, you will not get a puppy from Maxime French Bulldogs.                        

                                           Pricing Information  

Lola/Zorro Litter Summer 2010 is here!       Updated 6/20/10  10:30 PM

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Lola             Jacques         Bella       Louis


Jacques     &           Breanne              








Lil Lola







Jacques                                           Louis
















     Puppies' Latest Video on YouTube!

                Click Here to view  

Updated 6/20/10


Rufus            Lola  and     Louis      








Chloe &    Jacques
















RUFUS     &      LOUIS











Louis      &    Lola













































Sorry all the pups are spoken for at this time.

Contact breeder Susan Caton for information about the breed, other breeders to contact and planned future litters.

References from current Maxime puppy owners supplied upon request.

Click here for adoption application.